JIP-WW full flöde med handtag

JIP-WW full bore ball valve with handle is an ON/OFF valve with welded connections.

The valves are specially designed for district heating systems and other hot-water systems in which the water has been treated in order to avoid corrosion. The valves are also suitable for district cooling systems.

JIP-WW full flöde med handtag

Teknisk data

Best nrDN
Max. temperatur
Anslutningstypantal portar

JIP-WW, FB, Handle, PN25

065N1130 6582025180Svetsad2
065N1135 80110025180Svetsad2
065N1740 100230025180Svetsad2
065N1745 125370025180Svetsad2
065N1751 150610025180Svetsad2

JIP-WW, FB, Handle, PN40

065N1105 205040180Svetsad2
065N1110 259040180Svetsad2
065N1115 3216040180Svetsad2
065N1120 4023540180Svetsad2
065N1125 5039540180Svetsad2


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